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For over 30 years i have been paying on a life insurance policy. Im trying to cash it out, and Alpha tells me it takes over a month to write me a check. Is this morally wrong, or am i missing something? I would appreciate feedback. Add comment

I was hit by a hit-and-run driver on 5/9/14 and filed a claim with my insurer, Alfa Insurance. All I wanted was for them to pay for the damage done to my car. They did an Estimate for repair of $2,092.27. Then they attached a sheet titled "Unrelated Prior Damage" and did an estimate to fix every little scratch on my car not related to the accident, at labor of $45.00 per hour, totalling... Read more

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I would give them a 0 but that was not an option. I am very upset with them and am therefore taking the time to do this. This is the email I sent them which explains my issue. "I am very disappointed in the customer service I received regarding an issue I had with my policy. I called concerning a double payment that I made in April due to an automatic withdrawal that was setup. I made a second... Read more

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Had accident 3/9/14,young Kid made blind turn in front of me,*** me because of his age,didnt call police(didnt want a reckless driving or failure to yield on his Record,was young once).Mistake on my part as his Vehicle had multiple impacts already.Exchanged info like your suppose to do,took photos,got witnesses etc.Made a Claim with Alfa next day,contacted by their incompetent Claims rep Hector... Read more

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I have been a client of Alfa for over 20 years. I have a home owners policy that protects my home an personal belongings at replacement value. I had a $10,000 4 wheeler stolen from my carport and when I submitted a claim Alfa adjuster says it is only covered for $1000 and I have a $1000 deductible. They agreed I do have replacement value coverage but only up to $1000 for the 4 wheeler. Even after... Read more

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A representative came out after one of their clients backed into me. I have pictures, witnesses and details and they claimed I couldn't prove their client did this. They don't return calls and they wont answer email. They are a total scam company, as far as trying to recover any damages. I would NEVER buy anything from Alfa. They started out being very friendly. They came out and assessed the... Read more

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TRAVEL TRAILER: ON HAVING STORM DAMAGE ON CAMPER WAS TOLD BY ALFA WE HAVE WRONG TYPE OF POLICY: NOW WE HAVE TO PUT $2000.00 WITH THE CHECK FROM ALFA. so WHY WERE WE SOLD THE INCORRECT POLICY. I AM NOT AN INS AGENT, BUT NOW I AM PAYING FOR THEIR MISTAKE. Sad when we have been with alfa for 20 years. I pay on aprox 9 policies to alfa, I am there to write them a check each month, but when I need... Read more

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My son was involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist whose car was impounded. The officer said he could not determine who was at fault so neither driver received a ticket for the accident. Alfa said THEY decided that my son was at fault and refused to allow the accident to be covered under a Uninsured Motorist claim even though she was uninsured. They tried to say my son gave a recorded... Read more

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A couple of weeks ago, someone cut a hole in my vinyl roof to my convertible and damaged the mechanical workings of the door. The appraiser (Ronald Pendleton) came to look at it a few days later. After he accessed the damages, he informed me that they are only going to replace the headliner ( the inside of the top) and the vinyl roof and that is it. I can not use my old window in the back so... Read more

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